Our Mission

To invite all children to an educational experience and discover the joy and love of musical theatre and share that gift with our audiences.

Our Beliefs

Everyone has been given musical abilities which need to be nurtured. ·We give our ACT members life learning experiences.

Our Objectives

·To provide a safe and loving environment.
·To promote friendship and caring to those around us.
·To encourage the growth of our musical talents: singing, acting and learning about theatre.
·To be patient and tolerant of others. We do our best when we show respect in a positive environment.

Our Goals

·Parents/families have the responsibility to bring children to every rehearsal. If a rehearsal is to be missed, please call Lynn Rouyer at 602-622-2543 as a courtesy.
·As ACT members we will perform in Munds Park, Flagstaff at nursing homes and every other opportunity made available.
·Parents/families are invited to volunteer as ushers for our performances, costuming, set construction, set painting, cast parties and drivers to our special performances/events. ·For any special concerns, please call Lynn, Director.



Arizona Children’s Theatre
a program owned & operated by Coconino Community Theatre, LLC

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Musical Director

Hi There TALENTED ACT Campers and Families,

Arizona Children’s Theatre
a program owned & operated by Coconino Community Theatre, LLC

We are so excited at CCT regarding our 2021 ACT Season starting July 5, 2021. Our Sr. and Jr. Staff will be working this winter on all of the fun that is to come at ACT. Camp will again be three weeks beginning Monday, July 5, 2021 from 1-4 p.m at the Munds Park Community Church. So mark your calendars and get ready for an AWESOME SUMMER where campers will learn all forms of musical theatre while preparing for their big production on July 23rd & 24th. There will be an opportunity to perform in Flagstaff as well at the end of week 2.

If you have young children that might not be interested in a main role with the older campers and 3 weeks of camp, a two week program is provided at a reduced rate of $100.


Our three week camp will again be $150. IF YOU ENROLL BEFORE FEBRUARY 1st, 2021 you will ONLY PAY $125. I LOVE DISCOUNTS!

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So mark your calendars and get set for a POPPIN’ fun time!
YES! We now have permission to perform “MARY POPPINS Jr”!

Just send an email or call Lynn Rouyer, Director, for a registration form. or 602-622-2543. Please pass this information on to your friends who will want to join in on the FUN and FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY!

Your Very Excited Director, Lynn Rouyer


After an extraordinary 2020 season highlighted by “The Lion King, Jr.”, children in Munds Park are anxiously anticipating performing in “Mary Poppins Jr.” in the summer of 2021.  


Mary Poppins, Jr. is going to be presented in July, 2021 in Munds Park by the Arizona Children’s Theatre (ACT).  Our “Lion King, Jr.” cast had several choices for the 2021 musical and unanimously voted to perform this play.

The musical offers many wonderful roles for boys and girls and great ensemble numbers as well.  ACT provides children the opportunities to learn all aspects of theatre – acting, singing, choreography, and the theatrical vocabulary – on stage and behind the scenes.

 Our junior staff…. Makenna Jones, Mattie Mitchell, MacKenzie Zorb and Lian Mitchell…. are our assistant director, stage manager, lighting and sound,tech, respectively.  They are the creators of the theatre games and perform leadership roles on stage and behind the scenes. They are involved with decision making and help to make choices on costuming, set design and daily workshops.

We are a TEAM at ACT, and everyone is a RISING STAR. We are so very blessed to have Jared Bowyer as our Musical Director. With his teaching music in the public school system and working with Lynn for several years, they have created a very unique venue for musical theatre. Macie Guttierez is our wonderfully talented choreographer with years of experience, and she has a fantastic vision each season for our cast.

Our adult staff…. Margy Simchak, Jill Brindley, Dee Spain, Sherrie Stoltman, and Eileen Jones…. bring their expertise and creative talents to  ACT making our children’s theatre the BEST. Lynn Rouyer, our professional director for many years working with children and adults in theatre, television and in the classroom, has a very unique, special talent that brings our shows to a very high quality level of theatre.