Our Mission

To invite all children to an educational experience and discover the joy and love of musical theatre and share that gift with our audiences.

Our Beliefs

Everyone has been given musical abilities which need to be nurtured. ·We give our ACT members life learning experiences.

Our Objectives

·To provide a safe and loving environment.
·To promote friendship and caring to those around us.
·To encourage the growth of our musical talents: singing, acting and learning about theatre.
·To be patient and tolerant of others. We do our best when we show respect in a positive environment.

Our Goals

·Parents/families have the responsibility to bring children to every rehearsal. If a rehearsal is to be missed, please call Lynn Rouyer at 602-622-2543 as a courtesy.
·As ACT members we will perform in Munds Park, Flagstaff at nursing homes and every other opportunity made available.
·Parents/families are invited to volunteer as ushers for our performances, costuming, set construction, set painting, cast parties and drivers to our special performances/events. ·For any special concerns, please call Lynn, Director.