Thank you for interest in volunteering to assist us with our plays and events. We appreciate your support.


Ways to Volunteer with CCT:


Recruit dues-paying supporters of CCT and business sponsors of our plays and fundraising events.

Children’s Theatre

Assist paid staff for ACT camp, provide meals and/or snacks for children and staff, run errands/purchase props for play production, coordinate communications with parents/supervisors, be available to directors at all times.

Play Selection

Read and review various scripts to consider for performances next season. Determine most appropriate for our audience, potential cast, and production requirements.

Set Construction

Help design set with director, recruit skilled labor, work within director’s budget and timeframe, strike set and store materials at end of final show.

Lighting and Sound

Run light and sound boards, repair and maintain light and sound equipment. Must be able to function well under pressure and be available for each show.


Make necessary contacts with newspapers, radio, TV, and online sources for pre-show publicity. Write newspaper articles, design posters, flyers, and advertisements, and secure on-air programming and interviews for CCT talent. Keep website updated and accurate.

Ticket Sales

Design and print show tickets, monitor ticket hotline, sell tickets bi-weekly in public location, assign seating when applicable, confer regularly with President and Director, monitor income and transfer to Treasurer.


Plan and organize annual 4th of July Children’s Carnival. Obtain all necessary county permits, purchase or secure donations for games, gifts, and prizes. Recruit volunteers to assemble tents, games, and prizes and supervise children day of Carnival.


Design and sew costumes or purchase as necessary in coordination with show director.

Makeup and Hair

Purchase stage make-up as needed and apply to each actor prior to each show. Provide touch-ups during show, as necessary. Provide wigs, hairpieces as needed and assist actors in hair styling/attaching wigs and hairpieces.


Coordinate with Director/Stage Director in making detailed list of all props required for play. Shop thrift stores and any other practical resource to obtain all props needed. If unavailable, create the prop or notify Director and suggest alternative prop.

Community Relations/Underwriting

Attend regular meetings of primary community organizations in Munds Park, notify Board of activities which may interest Board or require involvement, seek underwriting for CCT activities when appropriate.


Help match volunteers to appropriate committees. This committee will also recruit volunteers for make-up, hair, props, costumes, ushers, and any other skill not specifically designated for other committees.


Plan parties and recruitment events for Members and Friends of CCT. Negotiate catering and pricing, recruit volunteers for serving and clean-up.


Research potential grants, write and submit applications, monitor use of monies obtained and report regularly to Board of Directors.

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