Enjoy a Meal from Agee’s Before the Play

Local Munds Park  favorite Agees  will be providing and serving the food for the meal before the two performances of “Dixie Swim Club.”  Diners can choose either BBQ beef brisket or turkey.  A bun, coleslaw, beans and a cookie come with the meal.  Water will be provided but the RV resort bar will be open for the purchase of other beverages.   Dinner is at 5 p.m. with the show at 6:30 p.m. for the show on Wednesday and the dinner at noon with the show at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday.  Tickets for the dinner and play are $25.  Those going to the dinner and play can reserve a seat at one of the tables which can be selected when purchasing tickets.   No seats are assigned for those who wish to only attend the play.  Those tickets are $15.  Please go to our “Tickets” page to  purchase your tickets.



For all that 2020 wasn’t for theatre lovers, the summer of 2021 makes up for it! Coconino Community Theatre (CCT) had to cancel its award-winning DIXIE SWIM CLUB thanks to Covid last year, but the actors have aired out their swimsuits and brushed up on their classic southern humor for audiences hungry for top-notch performances this year. Not only will play-goers be served up the best community theatre Arizona has to offer, but they’ll also get to indulge in scrumptious barbecue provided by Agee’s.

On June 23rd and 24th, CCT will be performing the heart-wrenching, yet hilarious, play about the journeys of five women from their early years on the college swim team through marriages, affairs, divorces, child-rearing, career challenges, dementia, and death. Lest you think this is just a “chick flick,” think again. It’s about deep friendship and how our friends impact who we are and how we finish our lives.

The characters are, indeed, colorful: Sheree, played by Nancy Del Duca, is the bossy organizer; Lexie, played by Cheryl Parker, an over-the-top sexpot; Dinah, an alcoholic lawyer, played by Melanie Westmark; Vernadette, played by Carol Jones, a comedic loser in life; and Jeri Neal, a nun-gone-bad problem solver, played by Jayne Heckman. Together, as they age and mature, the characters remind us of our values and why we cherish our closest friends. The play, directed by Lynn Rouyer, will be performed at the Munds Park RV Resort Recreation Center. For tickets, go to www.cctfriends.org, stop by Provident Partners Realtors on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11 AM to 1 PM, or call 928-981-0000.

Watch for future articles in the Pinewood News and on CCT’s website: www.cctfriends.org for information on future CCT productions, including the Arizona Children’s Theatre drama camp, the western mystery theatre, “Pistols or Poison,” and the Junior/Senior Prom and community sing-a-longs. We’re planning lots of fun for visitors and residents of Munds Park.


Coconino Community Theatre Launches 2021 Season with Award-Winning Play

Coconino Community Theatre Launches 2021 Season with Award-Winning Play

By Cheryl Parker

Seasoned actors, a brilliant script, and a heart-wrenching, hilarious storyline make for great theatre. Unheard of in Munds Park? Perhaps, but not impossible.

The talented cast of The Dixie Swim Club, selected for a City of Glendale/Arizona Arts Commission grant, will kick off the 2021 season of Coconino Community Theatre (CCT) with the play that won that honor. The COVID pandemic prevented the cast from performing the play last year to a live audience, so the actors submitted a videotaped version which won the competition. The Dixie Swim Club, written by Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten, is about five women who competed on their college swim team. Close, lasting friendships evolved and continue into old age. The women reunite every summer to catch up on each other’s lives.  No subject is off limits—sex, marriage, divorce, failed kids, and terminal illness strengthen the ladies’ bond and you’ll laugh and cry right along with them. The Dixie Swim Club, directed by Lynn Rouyer,runs June 24th, 25th, and 26th. Go to www.cctfriends.org for ticket information.

Arizona Children’s Theatre, which is sponsored by CCT, will present Broadway’s hit musical, Mary Poppins, Jr., as its annual children’s camp headliner. More than ever before, children need to discover their creativity, socialize, and escape to a healthier environment. Under the direction of Lynn Rouyer and Jared Bowyer, we invite children ages 7-19 to participate in this 3-week long musical adventure of acting, singing, and dancing. The camp, which runs July 5-25, helps children develop essential skills, self confidence, and poise that lead to lifelong success. For registration, call Lynn Rouyer @ 602-622-2543 or go to www.cctfriends.org.

CCT’S final production of the season will be Pistols or Poison, a wild west mystery written and directed by Munds Park’s own Ele Parrott. Someone’s dead but no one is fessing up to the killing. There will be lots of singing and dancing (audience participation) as everybody tries to figure out who dunnit! Come to the town saloon for this boot stompin,’ rabble-rousin’ night of fun, August 12th, 13th, and 14th.

For tickets, go to www.cctfriends.org or call 928-981-0000.

Throughout the summer, CCT plans other fun community events, sing-a-longs, and even a Junior-Senior Prom saluting the Big Band Era. For details, go to www.cctfriends.org and watch for announcements in the Pinewood News.


By Richard Dahl

            The summer of 2020 will go down as a bust for Munds Park’s adult theatre community, but five of our top actors deserve a thunderous round of applause.  After Coconino Community Theatre (CCT) had to cancel its play “The Dixie Swim Club” because of COVID-19, the play’s all-female cast decided to enter their work in a highly sought-after big city arts competition. They completed the rigorous requirements set by the City of Glendale’s annual Performing Arts Partnership Program and provided videos of their stagecraft to the judges’ panel. It was quite an endeavor for this fledgling community theatre to compete with long established and well-funded urban arts groups, but the nail-biting and anxious anticipation proved to be well worthwhile.

            The City of Glendale Arts Commission has announced that the “Dixie Swim Club” cast, which includes Melanie Westmark, Carol Jones, Nancy Del Duca, Jayne Heckman, and Cheryl Parker, and Director Lynn Rouyer, are in the winners’ circle for 2021. The prize is a first for Munds Park. The CCT actors will be awarded not only a nice monetary grant, but also the opportunity to perform “The Dixie Swim Club” for live audiences in downtown Glendale over the winter months. Details will be announced once the Glendale City Council formally approves the grant in early October. Show dates and times will be available on CCT’s website, www.cctfriends.org.

            Meanwhile, “The Dixie Swim Club” women offered a preview of their upcoming show to a group attending the Arizona Compassion In Action women’s retreat on August 29th. They performed a scene from the show for a small but appreciative audience whose hearty laughter and applause assured the cast that they’ll be back for more either at the upcoming shows in Glendale or next summer in Munds Park June 25th, 26th, and 27th and July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

            Well done, CCT ladies!